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27 February

Folate vs. Folic Acid

Posted in Pregnancy | No Comments

  Precision of supplementation throughout pregnancy is an art form.  Perhaps not emphasized enough, some very specific micronutrients are essential during preconception and the first trimester.  Folic acid, the synthetic derivative of folate, is one of these key mircronutrients that denote a critical window for development.  Within the first 30 days the foundation for neural […]

7 February

Mama Moment // Kaity Farrell

Posted in Mama Moment | No Comments

Kaity Farrell is a modern mama living in Nantucket with her husband and her babe Iley. A natural foods chef foraging and growing ingredients for many of her amazing recipes, Kaity also produces a handcrafted wellness product line (Fare Isle) that she and her husband make and sell at the local farmer’s market and through […]


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